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SecureMX Email Security Gateway

No more breach caused by phishing emails.

Enhance your Microsoft 365 Email Security.

The most cost-effective Email Security Service.

SecureMX Protects Your Email From...

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  • Malware that encrypts all your data and demands payment to recover your data

  • Double extortion common now – includes sensitive data exfiltration with blackmail

  • An email that has a fake (spoofed) email address

  • SecureMX implements Sender Authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) to filter out spoofed emails

  • Unsolicited email or junk mail

  • Advertising emails

  • SecureMX has 3 different Spam filter engines for higher efficacy

  • Malware that provides remote control to hackers can steal sensitive data

  • Sending sensitive data in emails intentionally or unintentionally

  • SecureMX has features to prevent misdirected emails

  • Deceives you into entering your password and 2FA code

  • Entices you to click a link for money or free gift

  • Impersonating your boss to ask you to send money (BEC)

  • Your bank asking you to login and reset your password

  • SecureMX has 6 different Spam/Anti-Virus filters to catch these

  • Sensitive emails accidentally sent to the wrong recipients

  • To prevent data loss SecureMX can
    - Make supervisor audit/approval mandatory when sending emails to external parties
    - Delay actual sending to give time to retract wrongly sent emails

  • Downloaded to your PC when you click a link or

  • When you open a file attachment

  • Can steal your private information or company confidential data

  • Can delete or encrypt your files making them inaccessible

  • SecureMX has 3 different Anti-Virus engines 

  • Optionally SecureMX can do Sandbox analysis on suspected zero-day (unknown) malware for greater protection

Additional Features

Advanced Archiving

For compliance & legal hold requirements

Document Exchange

Eliminates file attachment size limits

BCP Functionality

Cost effective disaster recovery copy of your email system

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Over 2,000 companies from SMB to large Enterprises are using SecureMX.

Global Reach

Trusted globally by customers from EU, US, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan

Why Us

Why SecureMX?

6 built-in engines by global security vendors; a higher threat detection rate.


Enhanced Microsoft 365 security; Catching more phishing emails than Microsoft 365.

Advanced threat Protection system 

Only SMX offers BCP mail

*BCP: Business Continuity Plan

SecureMX Service enhance the email functionality and security of Microsoft 365

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