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Protecting You from Threats within Incoming Emails

Microsoft 365 + Secure MX for multi-level protection!

Improves the detection rate of threats within incoming emails

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Multi-Layer Defense System


Multiple Anti-Virus Engine: Detects and quarantines malware threats within emails with a multi-layer defense layer using malware detection engines from 3 different security vendors.

Disarming filter

Office file, PDF file Macro script removal: 

Protects against unknown macro viruses by removing macros from Office and PDF files that need to be received for business.  Preventing Emotet.

Spam filter

Quarantine unsolicited

emails with 3 Anti-Spam engines from 3 different security vendors.

Sender domain authentication filter

SPF/DKIM/DMARC Support, Detect Spoofed Mail: 

Detection of spoofing and phishing emails, such as those from spoofed senders

Attachment Filter

block specified attachments: Block attachments such as executables and scripts that are not used for business purposes..

Advanced threat protection

Runs files in a virtual environment and detects unknown threats by "behavior": Files that need to be received for business purposes are analyzed by a sandbox to detect unknown viruses.


Email continuity Mail Function with Microsoft 365

Greatly improves the Detection Rate for Phishing mail

Multi-Layer Defense System improves the efficacy of detecting threats within phishing emails

Sender Authentication

Work Meeting

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